All leave requests must be submitted for approval via email at least 6 weeks prior to dates required and discussed with the Roster Consultant. As a limited number of Registrars can be on leave at any one time, requests will be approved on the basis of date they are received and taking the staffing requirements of the unit into account.

Personal leave process

RMH ICU medical orientation handbook

If you need to take personal leave please follow the departmental process as follows:

  1. Telephone and speak to the ICU consultant (text, email is not acceptable):
    1. Monday to Friday in hours call the pod consultant
    2. Monday to Friday 1400-2300 call the evening consultant
    3. Weekends call the ICU consultant on call for that day
    4. If you become unwell overnight call the Pod A consultant at 6:30am
    5. If on for the Melbourne Private call the ICU consultant on for the private
  2. Email the roster consultant and Yvonne to inform us of your leave
  3. Obtain a medical certificate if required and email it to Yvonne before the end of the pay period
  4. Fill in a leave form and attach to your time sheet

If your leave is to extend beyond 1 day please call us to discuss further.