For Registrars, salary is based on the hospital timesheets. Resident rosters are managed by the Medical Workforce unit

Registrars who work overtime beyond that factored into the roster must inform the ICU consultant at the time.

5 hours per week paid educational time is additional to rostered time for registrars. Registrars are expected to attend the educational session offered in the ICU. Residents are welcome to attend but are not paid training time.



If you choose to work an extra shift for another department or parent unit, you must obtain their cost centre number and write this beside the designated shift on your time sheet (it is not enough to simply write their name i.e. cardiology). ICU will not take responsibility for ensuring your payment of this shift without this number.


Medical staff contemplating roster changes are reminded of the following criteria:

  • Such changes must be isometric as well as volumetric.
  • There is an absolute requirement by the Award that there be a minimum of at least 10 hours between consecutive shifts.
  • Except in genuine emergencies, swaps will not be approved unless at least one week’s notice in advance is given.
  • All swaps must occur within the same pay fortnight.