All time sheets are kept in a folder marked “ICU Medical Time sheets” on Level 5 PA desk. These should be completed by 9am on the last Friday of the Pay period.

Timesheet are authorised by ICU Consultants and sent to pay office on Fridays on a fortnightly basis.

If leave is taken, please complete a leave form and the relevant time sheet prior to going on leave.

Staff is reminded to complete all the required fields on blank time sheets i.e. Name, pay period dates, employee number, shifts worked and date worked.

Please include your rostered hours and (for Registrars) 5 hours training time. Please put the latter in a space from Monday-Friday and not on a weekend day (pay office become very confused if you do this).

Hours must accurately reflect the shifts worked.

If you work overtime please write the name of the consultant who prospectively approved the overtime so that it may be followed up and you are paid. Unapproved overtime is not paid.